Walnut Speaker Stand Build


My Dad got me some new Sony speakers for Christmas, and with three monitors I had no idea where to place them. If I laid them horizontally they didn't point toward my ears or sound very good. If I placed them toward the edges of the desk and angled them in, the monitors got in the way of the sound.

My solution for this was to build speaker stands that rise above the monitor and angle toward my ears. This is definitely the best solution I've found for speaker placement if you have three monitors.


I started by sitting at my computer, holding a speaker in the air behind my monitor. I tried a couple different positions until I found an angle I liked where I felt like they were pointing straight toward my ears. Then I had someone else grab the speaker from me, still holding it in it's position. I then measured the distance in inches from speaker bottom to the desk, at both the front and the back of the speaker. From there it's just simple trigonometry to calculate the angles and lengths you need for the stands.

In order to test the angles I made a mockup out of some scrap wood I have. For this I just used my table saw to get the speaker platforms cut to size, and then my miter saw to cut the angle correctly.

The size of the speaker platforms is just slightly larger than the bottom of the speakers. Plus an added lip to prevent them from sliding off.

The legs were cut 90 degrees on one side and at an angle on the other, to hold the speakers at a slant.

For placement of the speaker platform onto the legs, I just did a dry fit of everything and moved around the speaker platform with the speaker on it until I felt like it was stable, then I marked and measured that spot so I could make sure I get it exact when I glued them together.

Prototype Results

The prototypes turned out just like I'd hoped, and I used them for a week or two before making the real stands.

Round 2

I chose to make the real stands out of black walnut. The process for making these was the exact same as the prototypes, except I used a couple router bits on most of the pieces to give it character.

The first assembly, things are looking good.

The stands got finished with many(can't remember how many) coats of danish oil.

Final Product

I think they came out great and I'm very happy to be able to switch between my headphones and speakers now. This was an easy build and I'd recommend it to anyone who has three monitors and wants to get speakers for their setup.